In the les Collectionneurs shop, you'll find a range of gift boxes from €145 to €725 to cater to the desires of your loved ones for escape and indulgence. A romantic break, a Michelin-starred table, a wellness break... It's up to you! An Invitation to Travel gift certificate to the amount that can be personalised between €50 and €2000 completes the gift box: valid for 24 months in all les Collectionneurs establishments (euro zone), it allows you to pay for both a meal and a stay. Presented in a new textured, recycling-recycling gift box, each gift box or certificate will surprise you with both its setting and its high-end services. Those most in a hurry will find happiness thanks to digital versions of the products (vouchers).

How to find the perfect gift box?

You're sure to find an original gift idea for any occasion in our unique selection of gift boxes and gift certificates, that will delight your friends and loved ones with unforgettable (...) You're sure to find an original gift idea for any occasion in our unique selection of gift boxes and gift certificates, that will delight your friends and loved ones with unforgettable experiences in our gastronomic restaurants and charming hotels.

Before you choose your perfect gift to your near and dear ones, you first need to ask yourself the right questions: who will be the happy recipient? What occasion do you want to find an original gift for? What budget do you have for the perfect gift? Does the person in question have any travel and culinary preferences?

The answers to these questions will enable you to have a clearer idea of what you're looking for from the large selection of gifts on offer. This way, you will find a personalised gift, presented in a pretty box.

Every person is unique, and that should also apply to your gift idea.

Who is the gift box for?

Remember: when offering one of our gift boxes, you are effectively offering a wonderful experience to two people: all the services included in our gift boxes are for two persons.

Is the gift box for a loved one or relative? A friend? A personal or professional acquaintance?

Are you familiar with this person's tastes with regard to hotels and restaurants?
How often does this person travel, does he or she prefer weekend breaks or longer holidays? Adventurous or more traditional food?

All these little details can help you choose the right present.

What occasion is the gift box for?

There are lots of occasions to treat someone to a gift. Therefore, there are lots of gift boxes based around different themes. A broad selection that allows you to choose a present that suits the occasion and hits the mark perfectly.

  • Within the family: a birthday present, something for Valentine's day, or to celebrate a special occasion, a birth, a wedding anniversary, a Christmas gift ...
  • Amongst friends: to thank someone you are close to, to share a weekend with friends ...
  • At work: to reward staff members or when a colleague leaves ...

Why opt for a themed gift box?

Each of our gift boxes is unique, and each service lives up to the level of excellence les Collectonneurs are known for. The eight gift boxes aim to fulfil the wishes of our guests: a delicious dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant with our delightful culinary break, a magical night out with the night is ours, an unforgettable weekend with our romantic retreat, a romantic getaway with our gourmet break, a timeless moment with our gastronomic escape, a wellness treat with our soothing spa break , a long weekend in the region with our timeless two-night escape, and an exceptional experience with the grand jeu
Each gift box offers a large choice of establishments to suit each traveller and guest, as well as many original gift ideas. All these wonderful experiences happen in places with lots of character and ambiance, ideal for friendly exchanges and meeting new people.

Which budget for which type of gift box?

Although the main aim is to please, budget remains important.
You've probably set yourself a maximum amount that you don't want to exceed. Maybe it's a joint present that will be offered to more than one person? Whatever it may be, we have good news for you! Our selection of gift boxes offers inclusive services between €150 for Our delightful culinary break (3-course lunch including drinks at one of our Tables Remarquables) and €700 for The grand jeu (champagne in the room, 5-course gourmet dinner with wine pairings, a night in a suite and breakfast in bed): everything you need to choose a unique gift that provides an exceptional moment of relaxation.

And what's more: with our choice of customisable gift certificates with a face value of €100 to €2,000, many more indulgences can be added.
Gift certificates can be used for both hotel stays and gourmet treats.

How do I book with a gift box?

It couldn't be easier. The recipient of the gift will need the twelve-digit reference number on the gift certificate that is included in the gift box. The next step is to select the hotel or restaurant of choice from the up-to-date list of participating establishments online. When the benificiary has settled for a date, he/she directly phones the establishment to book the gift. Then all he or she has to do is enjoy the meal or the unforgettable stay once the day arrives!

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