Gala les Collectionneurs 2019 © Julien Mouffron-Gardner
Gala les Collectionneurs 2019 © Julien Mouffron-Gardner
About us

"We are les Collectionneurs"

Since 1975, we have been uniting restaurateurs and hoteliers who share the same passion for hospitality. Beyond a stylish decoration, assertive culinary techniques or favoured locations, it is the character of each establishment, the sincerity of the family, the couple, the woman or the man that hosts each of these businesses, that is the link between the selected establishments. If the quality of service has always been a prerequisite, it is for the unique experience, the encounters, of each of these places that the travellers had the pleasure of discovering, of collecting.

This thirst for discovery, this commitment to authenticity, this conviction that human relationships are a cardinal value in this field, because it is at the very heart of the journey - we share this with those who have walked through the doors of our businesses for more than 45 years and have come to see for themselves. Thanks to this shared vision of travel, the taste for travel, we can affirm that we - restaurateurs, hoteliers, travellers - share the same codes, that we belong to one large community, that we are les Collectionneurs.

« "We are les Collectionneurs, because we have a taste for travel. Far from home, alone, with friends or a loved one, at the dinner table or in the garden of a hotel, for an extended stay or for an evening, a journey is not a fleeting experience. At the heart of the trip, at the heart of our travels, there is an encounter with a restaurateur, a hotelier, with others, with ourselves. That trip, infinitely richer and more complex, is what we love to collect." Alain Ducasse, President

Our key values

We at les Collectionneurs gather together travellers, restaurateurs and hoteliers who have a taste for travel. We share the same values. We place curiosity, excellence and generosity at the heart of our collection of tastes and original journeys.

We are curious because curiosity is the prerequisite to every encounter. 

We require excellence and we are convinced that constant attention must given to it. 

We are generous and our generosity nourishes our complicity.

Our commitments

1 - You are always welcome!

Because we won't have a second opportunity to make a good first impression, we know that hospitality is essential and we want you to feel welcome as soon as you get to our doorstep.
We know that it's the details that make a stay or a meal a memory.
We listen to each other and know how to offer things that make a difference.


2- Here, your curiosity is a welcomed character trait.

Would you like to see the kitchen? Would you like to discover the surrounding area during your morning run? Do you want to surprise a loved one and find that special place to take them to dinner, known only by a select few? Just ask us!


3 - You can be demanding... We are too!

We have made excellence one of our values and every day we strive towards it.
This excellence is present, from morning till night, from breakfast until dinner, thanks to a selection of local, seasonal products, hand crafted and homemade, or in the attention to detail of a decor.


4- You have the right to tell us about your adventures!

Among our restaurateurs and hoteliers, on or on our social media, we share our discoveries, our recommendations, our latest news and we are here to listen to you. Tell us your memories of your travels or send us your ideas for new establishments to enrich our community.

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5 -You can be (un)faithful and rewarded!

Curiosity is considered a quality for us and we love to encourage it.
Meeting restaurateurs and hoteliers and shedding light on new establishments is what feeds our taste for travel. Thanks to our les Collectioneurs Loyalty programme, the more you visit different restaurateurs and hotelier addresses from the community, the more you benefit from advantages and hospitality that is personalised just for you.


To allow the restaurateurs and hoteliers of our community to once again share special moments with you, and welcome you under the best possible conditions in their establishments, specific COVID-19 health measures have been adopted along with additional measures to best adapt these policies to their unique type of operations. For details of the health policies implemented, please contact the particular establishment directly.

If the expiry date of the gift boxes and cheques falls between 1st April 2021 and 30 June 2021, it will be extended to 31 December 2021. Please check the date of validity of your particular gift box or certificate by clicking on this link

Should you wish to modify the validity date of another gift box or certificate (in accordance with our general sales conditions), simply enter the "gift box and certificate" section located above the very same page.